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Local Sex Buddies

Finding Local Sex Buddies: Is It Really That Hard?

Many people are disillusioned with the whole dating scene. That’s the sad reality of it all: dating apps made everything overly-superficial and somehow made it harder to find a date. Romance is the dead, everybody says. Well, it’s no wonder it’s dead, YOU killed it.

More and more people are on the lookout for local sex buddies, because they don’t want a romantic date or just cannot get one at all. Some people just prefer casual relationships, there are quite a few advantages to that stance. With casual relationships, you have no drama. You’d set up some ground rules that are mutually beneficial, so there’s no drama at all. No string sex is the way of the future. They’re catching on like a wildfire.

Casual relationships are better because there’s no pressure. You don’t have be the best in the world at everything you do. Men, in this day and age, face too much pressure as it is, nobody wants to come home to some nag who’s going to blabber on about her friends making more money than you or having a better body than you. With casual relationships, you are absolutely free to be you, you don’t have to obsess over every small detail imaginable. Ain’t that the dream?

Of course, there’s also this little benefit – casual sex. Some people care about sex, only. They don’t want cuddles, they don’t want cutesy pet names and all that jazz. They just want to have sex with a person that they find attractive. That was probably the catalysis for this whole “local sex buddies” thing.

Some call ’em “fuck buddies“, but that’s a whole different thing. Sex and fucking are different, aren’t they? Back to the subject at hand: there are many websites out there, offering you an easy way to get laid. They brag about their system letting you meet and fuck instantly. As with everything in life: 90% of fuck-buddy websites are garbage. You can find a good one, no problem, but you will have to invest some time into that.

The gist of it all is – you set up a profile and look at all the hot babes/dudes that live nearby. Message them, flirt with them, there’s no other way to hookup. Obviously, it’s easier than dating sites, it’s way either than dating apps and d’you know why? Because you don’t have to hide your intentions, you won’t have to hear about some girl’s entire life story before you get some nudes or whatever. People on sex-buddy websites are the same as you, they want to hookup, they want to bang, no strings attached. Unless, of course, sparks fly and you two fall in love for some reason. That also happens, why not?

Overall, casual relationships is the best way to enjoy all the benefits of dating (i.e. sex) without having to give up your freedom. To put it bluntly, it’s way easier to find a girl that you want to bang than it is to find a girl that you want to marry.

These websites we mentioned before, they offer a variety of ways you can hookup with someone. They usually have sections for singles, couples, you name it. Whichever you prefer. While it might sound too good to be true, it really isn’t.

There are quite a few catches, including protection, secrecy, unexpected feeling, etc., but if you are smart and if you play your cards right – there’s nothing like it. There’s nothing better than staying single, being in charge of your life and still getting to fuck some fine piece of ass.

To make long story short, if you think that you are interested in having that kind of relationships, our honest advice would be: just go for it. Life is too short anyway. Enjoy it while you can.