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Meet For Sex: 5 Advantages Of Hookups

People love sex. People love having sex, people are obsessed with sex ever since the beginning of time. Now it’s all headed for the more casual vibe, though. People meet for sex and are perfectly happy keeping things casual. It’s time for someone to weigh in on the pros, because the perception is still overly negative. Articles go on about it being hard, being time-consuming, empty-feeling and dangerous. While it might be all of those things (if you get everything wrong), it’s no better or worse than actual romantic relationships. So let’s go over the hookups advantages:

1. No regrets:

One of the most common regrets a guy/girl has is not hooking up with a ton of people before settling down. That causes cheating and we all know how well cheating ends.

2. All the more experience:

More experience is always a good thing, if you meet for sex with a ton of people, chances are – you’re a decent lover, at the very least. So when (and if) you’re ready to settle down, you are going to blow your partner’s mind with all the tricks that you have up your sleeve.

3. No commitment:

Not all people are made for relationships, despite what the traditionalists say. Some people do not have enough time, but everyone needs to get their rocks off once in a while.

4. All fun:

Being flirty, enjoying witty banter and sneaking away to have some fun. That’s pretty much perfect, right? Hookups are exciting, there’s something inherently risque and taboo about them. It’s bound to make you feel like a million bucks in the end.

5. No pressure:

You don’t have to worry about coming off weird or creepy with your sexual requests. If you and your casual sex partner do not share the same fetish, well, that’s too bad, you can split any time. There’s no pressure to be perfect outside of the bedroom too. You can always try new fun things, and that’s worth something.

That’s our take on it, that’s what we think about hookups, You can find more articles and tips about advantages of getting to know people just to have sex tonight below this article ↓.


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