One Night Stand

One Night Stand Rules Everyone Should Follow

Your favorite website in the whole world, Wikipedia, defines one night stand as “a single sexual encounter without an expectation of further relations between the sexual participants”. That’s pretty much spot-on, exactly the type of thing you would expect from Wikipedia. Let’s not dwell on definitions and just dive into all the ins and outs of one night stands.

This practice is commonly associated with no emotional commitment or future involvement, i.e. you get in and you get out, no strings attached. Most of the time it involves young adults who are exploring their sexuality, who wants to experiment, have fun and don’t want to get chained to someone. Married people are frequently into one-night stands too, because, you know how that goes. Some one night stands are planned well in advance, some happen spontaneous. Some are great and some are not. Meandering theory aside, if you want to learn how to find a hookup tonight – just keep on reading. We will get there. Eventually.

Here are a few things we want to point out, here’s our little guide to having a great one-night stand. Because the stakes are high here, if you approach it the wrong way, people may get hurt, it can really, truly very badly for all the parties involved. So, here are a few rules for a great ONS:

  1. Find out if the person’s taken. It’s pretty simple, if the girl is taken, she’s basically cheating and you don’t want to open that can of worms. They may not respect their SO, but she’s not gonna respect you either.
  2. Make your intentions really clear. Not a creepy way, don’t be “alpha” by spouting some gibberish you saw on the internet, don’t be TOO straightforward, don’t stare into her eyes all the time, etc. Just say that you are looking for a fling, don’t get anyone’s hopes up.
  3. Lay down some ground rules. You expect discretion, don’t expect a call, you are using a condom, etc. If the girl/guy doesn’t agree, well, tough shit – forget about them. Also, it’s 100000% necessary for you (or your partner; HELLO LADIES) to use protection. Don’t ruin your life.
  4. Ask him about STDs. Yeah, it’s not overly romantic or hot, or anything, but, you know – better safe than sorry, people ruin their lives over something as unimportant as some love-making with a stranger.
  5. Make sure you trust them. Doesn’t matter if it’s a he or a she, if you have this gut feeling that something’s off – just break it off. There’s going to be another day and another chance to find a one-night stand. That simple. Maybe the girl is overly attached and is scratching out eyes from the photographs, maybe the guy thinks that he’s some golden god who can get you on a boat and you won’t say “no”. Creepy, bad people exist and you should always be mindful of that.
  6. Take it or leave it. Any one-night sex can develop into something bigger, and can be limited to once. You want to become fuck buddies, but your last night buddy doesn’t? OK! It’s a trifle meant to pass a dull day, no one owes anyone anything.

That’s pretty much it, as far as the introductory part goes. We will update our blog later on with some helpful advices on what to do and what not to do after your fling is over/in process. Hopefully, it was helpful for you all, and make no mistake about it – some of these advices are really unsexy and not fun, but they might save your sorry ass. You can thank us later, obviously. We don’t mind upvotes, tweets, comments, etc. If you are a hot lady, you might consider sending us nudes.

Stay safe, stay hungry, get freaky and never EVER ignore your gut feeling.