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Sex Date

How To Find A Sex Date And Have Sex On The First Date

So there’s a thing called a “sex date”, it may be awkwardly worded, but it is what it is. This little article here will help you land a sex date, as opposed to a regular date. We are going to focus on the first date, i.e. having sex on the first date. But worry not – we actually have some great advice on how to FIND a sex date/regular date. We’re not just focusing on some online dating service, either. Just wait and see, this article will help you out, big time.

So, without any further ado – here are a few things you can do to land some hardcore action on the very first date!

  • Look great. That’s pretty much a given. You should look sharp as hell, my man. It’s oftentimes said that men are visual creatures, but women are wired the same way too. Girls love guys that look good. Maybe your face wasn’t chiseled by the gods themselves, that’s a-okay, but you need to make sure you have a good hairdo, have facial hair (or don’t, whichever suits you better) and wear some nice clothes. Yeah, if you are wearing a freaking suit with a freaking tie – you’re trying too hard, buddy. Women hate that. Just wear something casual, some get-up in which you feel comfortable. Nothing TOO casual, either.
  • Take her somewhere great. Please make sure it’s not a fancy restaurant, it’s such a cliché. Also, some women expect you to pay for them and that’s the opposite of what you want to do. Sure, it’s a nice gesture in general, but take her somewhere “sexy”. Wine bars are good. Hookah bars are pretty good too. Just make sure you’re taking her somewhere when you can talk, so no movie dates. EVER.
  • Be confident. Nothing is more attractive than confidence. Don’t overdo it, though, you might come off as too pushy/creepy, etc. There’s nothing “alpha” about looking like a total, 100%, straight-up rapist.
  • Be open (but not too open). You see, some guys actually lack the common sense. So many people would tell all of their kinks right from the get-go. Some think they are really smart about it when they do it in a roundabout way, i.e. “Have you seen Tickled? Pretty hot, right?” – but that’s even worse. Also, there’s nothing sexy about Tickled. The bottom line is – your conversation should be light and fun. Also, never ever mention your ex-girlfriends, you’re going to come off as (frankly speaking) whiny-ass bitch.
  • Booze her up. Well, this is a guide that lands you sex on the first date, after all. It’s not a guide about being a wholesome individual. Things can get a little awkward on the first date, and awkward is not something that is sexy.
  • Keep the night going. If it ends early, your chances are low. If you’re staying up late, the date feels magical, wild, carefree, etc. Non-stop chemistry, whirlwind of fun, flashfloods of lust, you name it. Just make sure you’re not artificially prolonging the date, make sure it’s organic. By being an interesting person, that is.
  • Act like you don’t care about sex. Guys who OBVIOUSLY wanna get laid don’t ever get laid. A girl wants to feel desired, not objectified, she wants to feel in control, like she’s the one changing your mind. Pretty simple. So, if you want to meet for sex – don’t act like you need/want/think about sex. Make her feel comfortable all the way through.
  • Get hot with her. Yeah, the school’s long over, but a good make-out session is still one of the best things you can do to get a girl all wet. Go all-out with it – hair grabbing, lip biting, grinding, dry-humping, etc.

That’s some wisdom we wanted to share with you. Obviously, every girl and every situation is different, but we feel like these rules are incredibly important and oftentimes overlooked. That’s the way you spin a romantic date into a full-on banging session, the results are not guaranteed, obviously – and takes some real effort. Of course, you can always take a shortcut.

Our website, for example, lets you hook up with people who actually want to have a sex date, right from the get-go. It would save a whole lot of trouble/time, but is this really the way you want to go about it? We suggest mixing it up – one’s romantic with unpredictable results and the second one with someone off our website, the variety is key. Otherwise you’re going to end up with too much of a good thing and we know how that usually goes.