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Meet For Sex

Meet For Sex: Harder Than Regular Dating?

Of course, dating apps and dating sites seem to have stood the test of time, people seem to love swiping left or right and ranking people based on their appearance. That’s all fine and dandy, but what do you do when you just need to meet for sex? How to have sex on the first date? Well, there are some things we want to discuss in great detail.

Dating apps are really hard for men, it appears. The women get too much attention on there anyway, so every single (even below-average looking) girl out there is showered with compliments and meaningless words, that really get your self-esteem up and then you can get really picky. Despite the fact that there’s no shortage of women on dating sites and apps, most of them seem to ignore the average user. Recent studies show that only 3% of men seem really attractive to women on the internet. So, our point is: finding a regular day is hard as it is, but what about some good ol’ casual fun?

Well, at first glance, it’s even harder. We took our time to look into this problem, and most guys are frustrated that they usually have to hide their intentions on dating apps. That’s also why girls get so much nice words thrown their way, people seems to think that once you fill that compliment quota, you’re bound to bang a girl. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way and the experience gets frustrating for the both parties.

That’s where casual “dating” sites/apps come in. They let you hook up or be friends with benefits with some nice gal that lives close by, you can skip all the bullshit that you usually have to go through. These places are filled with like-minded people, people who just need sex and nothing more. That helps, a lot. There are some meet for sex websites out there that will land you a hook up within a couple of hours. There are many girls looking to sext, that’s also nice if you’re not in the mood to get out of the house.

The possibilities are endless and the demand is soon going to outweigh the supply. We mentioned some good websites, but some are so mind-numbingly bad and filled with fake profiles. The reason we talk so much about these cons/pros, is because we want your hookup experience to be perfect. Obviously, you are not just reading this article out of morbid curiosity. You want to hookup with someone, you want to have some no strings attached fun, and that’s perfectly okay. We encourage people to be honest with themselves, because otherwise NOBODY is going to have a good time.

You just want a sex buddy? That’s great, just make sure you’re honest with yourself. And with your partner. In the end of the day, searching for a good website would be a great starting point. Just make sure you are ready to bang someone the very same day. We are not even kidding, sometimes you find the right person within a couple of hours, so the digital age is not that bad now, is it? Anyway, just go for it. Have fun and stay safe.