Sex Friend

Sex Friend: How And Where To Get One?

This one is going to be vague enough. We are going to talk about your potential “sex friend” and whatnot. There are many ways you can get involved with that – you might have a no-strings-attached kind of deal, you might have a fling with your actual friend, etc. The former is going to be described in painstaking details in our articles moving forward, so let’s just discuss breaking through this proverbial “friendzone” glass ceiling.

First of all, if you are a “nice guy”, just get off this page. Seriously, we hate your kind around here. Girls don’t owe you shit for being nice to them, that’s common decency, you dick. If you are a REAL nice, decent human being, just continue reading. We love your kind around here.

So, it’s quite common for people to get this sudden urge to bang some friend. Some of your friends are hotties, that happens. It’s so wrong, but it’s going to feel so right. If to people in romantic relationships can do it, why not friends? Friends can help each other with their needs, don’t they?The guys who want to meet single women for sex are NOT hormonal creeps. If you want to bang your friend, you’re not a hormonal creep either.

Well, it’s all about timing (like so much other things in life). You don’t want this proposal to feel out of nowhere, you don’t want to ruin a good moment, you don’t want to feel weird/creepy for making your intentions clear. Some people think that it’s better to make your first move in a friendly/jokey manner. Most of the guides helpfully point out that you have to get your friend tipsy. As awful as it is, we agree with that. Most people consider being drunk as a great excuse to do something they are going to regret, this lack of self-control and common sense is going to help you score, my friend. Truth to be told, people love sex on first date. They love it on any kind of date. Friendly dates, romantic dates, any kind of dates go well with drinking. Just FYI.

You can hug your friend and “jokingly” start rubbing their ass or something. You always have a way out as long as it’s done jokingly, it’s going to be lame and unconvincing, but it’s better than nothing. Or maybe it’s not going to be unconvincing, maybe you have this kind of reputation. You know that anyone, no matter how friendly or uptight they are, can give in to temptation if the timing is right. Friendly hug can lead to some hardcore petting and with a drink you can get a free pass into your friend’s bedroom.

There’s also something called an “accidental” kiss, you can do that. But with, you know, confidence. We have been talking about timing over and over again, but confidence is the second most important thing about this whole ordeal. There’s nothing more unattractive than a lack of confidence. Especially if you are a guy. Sure, some girls are into shy dudes, but some girls write imprisoned serial killers love letters. Anywho, you have to make a move. Unless you do something, nothing will happen. It’s always better to regret doing it afterwards, because at least it’s going to get funny once the initial shame vanishes. And it’s gonna vanish, believe us.

Once you actually seduce your friend…. Notice how we don’t dwell on talking about all the ways you can do that. There are so many ways and people are so different, you know your friend better than we do, you know what makes her/him all hot and heavy. You know what might work and you know what’s going to fail miserably. So it’s up to you, we wish you the best of luck. Hopefully you have some tricks up your sleeve, sex-wise – hopefully all learned and perfected thanks to your local fuck buddies. So, back to the subject – once you actually seduce your friend, your mission is not over yet. You have to figure out where to go from there. Romantic thing? Casual thing? Sex buddies (4evah)? Many successful and genuinely happy people have casual sex partners, they don’t really want something serious. You know what? It’s perfectly fine to look for sex buddies, especially among your friends. Nobody should judge you based on your sex life.